We provide the future of energy

A line of products designed to meet the needs of the residential and small commercial markets of renewable energy

Our all-in-one electrical interface works with existing and new solar systems, providing a single connection to your home or business. Its rechargeable lithium-ion batteries provide energy storage for self-consumption, time of use, net metering and backup power – facilitating your independence from the utility grid.

All in One ESS

• Integrated SunBeat Hybrid inverters with SunBeat 48V50Ah modules

• SunBeat 5010A has 5 KW AC/9.6 KWh storage, manages up to 6.5 KW PV DC

• SunBeat 8020A has 8 KW AC/19.2 KWh storage, manages up to 11 KW PV DC

• Can be parallel up to three units

• DC coupling and AC Coupling

• IP 54 enclosure with lock

• Create various 24 KW microgrids to meet demand

Modularity Up to 24 KW AC and up to 115.2 KWh

Hybrid Inverters

This is a multifunctional inverter, solar charger and battery charger that
offers power support within the renewable energy residential and
commercial markets.

• Grid tie, self-consumption, off-grid and time of use settings

• Transformerless, two integrated MPPT HV PV chargers (4 strings)

• Choose priority of solar vs batteries vs load

• Thee units can be programmed for 120/208 Vac three phase

• Three units of 5 KW integrate to 15 KW AC /19.5 KW PV

• Three units of 8 KW integrate to 24 KW AC/ 33 KW PV

• Can manage up to 4 independent SunBeat Li-ion Battery per inverter

• Can integrate a generator as a second AC source

• Purchase and program as grid tie and add batteries later, up to 38+ KWh

Modularity Up to 24 KW AC and up to 115.2 KWh

Li-Ion Batteries

• 200 Ah

• 48 Vdc

• 308 lbs

• 100 amp charging

• 120 Amps discharge

• Capable of up to 4 MSI-9.6KWh per inverter

• Independent BMS per module (four per battery)

• Floor or wall mounted

Modularity up to 38.4 KWh per inverter

Our Products

All in One ESS
All in One ESS
Hybrid Inverters
Hybrid Inverters
Li-Ion Batteries
Li-Ion Batteries

Energy storage solution

Designed for reliability, safety and ease of information
Single or three phase systems configurations (with factory design approval)
Integrates grid and generator power with dual AC inputs
Integrates grid and generator power with dual AC inputs

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System technical specifications

SunBeat series home energy storage system products include 5kW/9.6kWh and 8kW/19.2kWh products.