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Climactiva a smart ecosystem

Climactiva Group, LLC is a platform which represents the best brands in the market , trains, and provides support for technologies in renewable energy, urban agriculture and water. These technologies are integrated through a select group of partners in Puerto Rico, Caribbean, Central and South America, being a smart ecosystem for a better sustainability in the future.

Mission: To help companies obtain economic benefits through energy saving technologies while contributing to a healthier planet on a project-by-project basis.

Vision: To be the best investment platform and the largest scope of renewable energy projects in the world, contributing to an environmentally friendly planet.


We provide the best consulting in the energy industry, building a company based on values and efficiency for our clients.


To make work easier for our future customers, and improve their lives by providing innovative products, diverse energy solutions and a superior support network.


Start your own business today and generate income in the fastest growing market of the 21st century and become part of the Climactiva team!


We work in search of energy efficiency in the properties, based on the Control of electricity, Reduction of Consumption and Elimination of Stand by Energy.

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We'll let the numbers speak for us

+ 1,500

Electricians trained under Climactiva educational seminars in Puerto Rico


Savings generated in customers affiliated to the climactive energy program.


Residential and commercial monitoring system integrations in Latin America


Engineers and electricians trained under Climactiva educational seminars in Latin America