Affiliate Registration!
Earn money & promote energy savings, right from your smartphone!

Earn profits from your customers', family or friends' purchases of any product in our Climactiva store.

    Why be part of the #ClimactivaTeam?

    Refer and Earn Commissions

    Refer customers to Climactiva and get up to 10% for every sale made, enjoy unlimited commissions with no limits!

    Promotional Arts

    Upon registration, you will receive an email with a personalized URL that will allow you to generate commissions, as well as a package of images for the sale of Climactiva products.

    Commissions for LIFE!

    If any of our partners' referred customers buy again on our platform, regardless of the time, you will continue to generate sales commissions.

    Statistics & Reports

    Global Summary

    Climactiva will provide you with an exclusive platform where you will be able to view reports, details of closed sales, commissions generated and payments made. In addition to the history of commissions and much more.

    Customer Tracking

    Our affiliate platform has an analytics and tracking system for each partner's customers, you will be able to detail the number of clicks, visits and conversions based on your personalized URL.

    Guaranteed Commissions

    Once your referral opens your personalized URL, their phone/computer will register them for life, and any sales from their device will generate commissions for you and will be added to your balance $.

    Information Documents

    Affiliate Platform

    Learn how to use your Climactiva affiliate platform in less than 5 minutes. (Infographic)

    Earnings Table

    Get to know all the profit percentages according to the product in our Climactiva store.

    Payment Policies

    Know the policies and payment dates for the correct payment of all commissions generated by your referrals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the requirements to become a Partner?

    You will only need to provide your personal information (First Name, Last Name, etc...), have a bank account or paypal account and email address. Simple and Easy!

    When will I receive my commissions?

    Climactiva Group LLC will pay its affiliates during the first 10 days of each month.

    On which platforms can I share my customized link?

    You will be able to use all the platforms you want to share your personalized link, be it: social networks, instant messaging and more...

    Do I require a minimum amount of commissions to collect?

    You will only require a minimum of $25.00 to collect the commissions generated.

    I shared my link, but the user made the purchase 28 days later, will I lose my commissions?

    You will not lose any commission. Climactiva will remember your referrals' device for life. All purchases they make on their devices will generate commissions for you.