Farm In The City

"Farm in the City" company dedicated to the production of vegetables in modules, types, containers. With an advanced and automated technology to cultivate in a sustainable, comfortable and hygienic way during 365 days of the year (place NON PROFIT logo wherever you can).

At Farm in the City we have a purpose linked to the commitment and social responsibility that influences innovative agriculture, where our products are not processed or genetically manipulated (NON GMO). We are proud to highlight the Food Security of Puerto Rico, growing hygienic food, free of herbicides and pesticides that can be enjoyed 365 days a year.
Dozens of municipalities and more than 100 "Farmers" with "Farm in the City" in Puerto Rico. Together with the objective of achieving a perfect crop, in support of Food Security, Nutrition and Incentivizing local support.
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Who we are

Learn about “Farm in the City”, smart agriculture for greater Food Security in PR.

Crop Modules

Get to know in detail our “Greenery” module, complete control to be able to grow food all year round.

Food Safety

We are committed to Food Safety in Puerto Rico. Products with longer shelf life, free of pesticides and herbicides.

Products Available

A list of nutritious products that will soon be available in authorized supermarkets.

Nutritional Values

Discover the characteristics, properties and benefits of each of our products.

Sales Channels

Soon you will be able to know the supermarkets and affiliated stores that distribute our products.

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